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Arkansas Bird Records Databases

Searching the Archival Database (prior to 1986)

You can search this database by species and county. This database contains about 38,000 records from the 1920s to 1986. The search will return all records of a given species in a individual county.  If you wish to search for records of a Species reported in all counties, you can do that, but the output will be quite large for most species.

Searching the Current Database (1986 - present)

You  can search the database  by species in which case the search form will return all records for that species in all counties.  If you would like to do this, click here.

You can narrow your search by searching for a particular species in a county of interest. If you would like to do a species and county search click here .


Background Information on the Current Database

Since the publication of Arkansas birds: their distribution and abundance by Douglas A. James and Joseph C. Neal in 1986 (Univ. of Arkansas Press, Fayetteville; ISBN: 0-938626-38-8 many species not seen previously have occurred in the State. Records from the files of the Arkansas Audubon Society were summarized in the above publication.  Since 1986 there have been more than 15,000 significant records contributed to this file. The AAS recognized that this wealth of new information has amassed and is of interest to the birding and ornithological community in Arkansas, and elsewhere. With this in mind the AAS initiated the entry of the post-1986 bird record data into a searchable database for access to anyone interested. Funding for data entry was provided, in part, by a generous donation from Eleanor Lincoln Johnson of Fayetteville. Interested people should refer to the publication mentioned above for records prior to 1986.

The resulting compilation of Arkansas bird record data for the period 1986-2015 is contained in the database. Questions or corrections to the database can be sent to the AAS Curator and Chair of the Arkansas Bird Records Committee Contact Us
   When using these data for research, publications, or other works we request that the source be attributed to the AAS. We suggest the following citation for this database:

Arkansas Audubon Society. 2015. Arkansas bird records database. Version 15.2



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