Lark Bunting

Discovered by: Marie Ann Pavlak
Date: 5/15/2002
Location: Holla Bend National Wildlife Refuge, Yell County
Photographed by: Sight Record
ABRC Record # 944

Lark Bunting (2nd AR Record)


Discovered by: Jimmy McMoran & Sarah Warner
Date: 2/24/2006
Location: Near junction of AR1 and AR153,

West of St. Charles, Arkansas County
Photographed by: Delos McCauley
ABRC Record # 968


Lark Bunting (3rd AR Record)

Discovered by: Kenny & LaDonna Nichols
Date: 5/18/2013
Location: Nichols' cabin on Lake Dardanelle, Yell County
Photographed by: LaDonna Nichols
ABRC Record # 1068






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