Bird-Friendly Yards Illustrated

We hope you get some creative ideas to make your yard more bird-friendly by viewing these participant photos. We are allways interested in pictures of your garden, a favored plant, modifications you have made to protect birds from window collisions and more.  send ro

Feature Garden of the Season

Featured Garden
L. Christie

This picture contains
Basil, rosemary, shallots, lantana, rose campion, parsley, blooming cilantro, marigolds, peppers, tomatoes on trellis, reseeded red sage
Perennial Black-eyed Susan, cucumbers, reseeded yellow malampodium, reseeded arugula from spring growth, collards, flocks, seeding larkspur, annual Black-eyed Susan, Texas star hibiscus, aster, monarda, phlox, pink yarrow, blueberry, St. John’s wort, abelia.
Fig, camellias, purple sage, red buckeye, crepe myrtle

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L. Christie, Pollinator Vegetable Garden
L. Christie Gold Level Bird Friendly Yard
Spring Ephemeral, Virginia Bluebell
J. Nye, Use of Rocks, Logs, and Flower Pots, to Separate Species
H. Whitman, Starter Garden
C. Franklin, Container Garden
S. King, Modern Eco Flats, Apartment Garden
D &T Luneau Patio Garden
Prairie Garden
Scheiman, Pollinator Extravaganza