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AASIf you would like to further support the activities of the Arkansas Audubon Society, you may securely make a donation using your credit card or PayPal account by clicking the donate button. AAS is a tax exempt organization. Donations are designated to different fund choices, and in the event that a special project effort in underway, it is described below.

Fund Types

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Targeted Projects

Here is a way to act locally and globally! AAS is currently raising funds for a time-sensitive project. We aim to purchase binoculars to donate to underprivileged students and guides in Malaysia during Dr. Kannan's upcoming Fulbright Scholar program (July through September 2024). This initiative is not just about promoting citizen science ventures via eBird and iNaturalist but also about empowering local communities to document their rich biodiversity. As you may be aware, most of the eBird and iNaturalist data come from the developed world. Encouraging uploads from local people from species-rich tropical nations to use these apps and contribute to the global biodiversity database is crucial. The deadline for donating is approaching on May 4 at the Spring AAS meeting at Petit Jean. Select "Targeted Projects" on the donation page to donate to this project. You may also send a check with "binoculars" on the memo line to Arkansas Audubon Society. P. O. Box 241421 Little Rock, AR. 72223
To Contribute to the AAS Trust
Mail your check payable to the AAS Trust to:
Christine Cash, Treasurer
10 Caribe Way
Hot Springs Village, AR 71909
To Contribute to the Halberg Ecology Camp
Mail your check payable to the Halberg Ecology Camp to:
Barry Haas, Treasurer
P.O. Box 242088
Little Rock, AR 72223
To Contribute to General AAS Activities
Mail your check payable to Arkansas Audubon Society to:
Arkansas Audubon Society
P. O. Box 241421
Little Rock, AR 72223